Suggestions For A New Routine?

  1. Suggestions For A New Routine?

    As the title says I need some suggestions for a new routine, my current routine is:

    Monday: Shoulders, Traps & Triceps
    Tuesday: Back & Rear Delts
    Wednesday: Rest
    Thursday: Chest & Biceps
    Friday: Legs
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Rest

    I have been doing this for the last few months now and have found it beneficial but feel it is time for a change.

    Any suggestions welcome, thanks in advance!

  2. this isn't a routine, it's a split schedule.

    it doesn't include sets and reps (volume) or other factors like rest periods, tempo, etc

    we have to know more to help.

    have you looked into any programs?

  3. damn that's the same routine I have for the past year Iv been trying to change mine up also I do atleast 4-5 sets with 6-10 reps but also for my shoulders and chest
    I double though meaning like shoulder il do either seated barbell or dumbbell press 10-6 reps than do Arnold or standing bbpress 10-8 than same for sides which is probably over training

  4. Cheers guys, I aim to do 4 sets (including a warm up set for the first couple of exercises) of about 12-15 reps for warm up and about 8-10 reps working set. I try and mix it up by one week doing some rest pause sets, some weeks doing forced reps etc...

  5. Sorry guys also forgot to say that I usually do about 3-4 exercises per body part.

  6. why not look into a program already tried and true?

    there are tons

  7. Quote Originally Posted by carpee
    why not look into a program already tried and true?

    there are tons
    Were could i find one of these programs?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by figgy336

    Were could i find one of these programs?
    simplyshredded has some


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