Anyone ever use a Conjugated Bench Program???

  1. Anyone ever use a Conjugated Bench Program???

    I'm looking to see if anyone has tried a Conjugated Program for Bench Press. I've been on the Charles Poliquin Density/Accumulation Program cycling through 3 weeks of High Sets, Low Reps low volume (volume is measured in reps)... And alternating that with 3 weeks of Low Sets, High Reps, High Volume... Seeing good results my Max is up to 405... I wanna keep the 3 weeks cycle theme but now get more detailed with the weeks and maybe use a Conjugated within it ... Any ideas thanks

  2. I've set up some conjugate programs for clients with good returns, but haven't really used them with my own lifting too much. I'm pretty sure Rodja trains conjugate quite extensively, so perhaps you can get some good feed-back/advice from him.

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  3. i do. i have added 20lbs in the last 6 weeks using it. like rodja i do a westside template. the only difference is i also use block periodization. i do 4 weeks on accumulation, deload, 2 weeks on intensification, rinse and repeat.

    during the accumulation phase i do as many alternate variations as i can. on DE day i bench with bands and alternating grip. ME day is where i do a different lift. i am using floor presses, incline DB, and incline close grip for the variations.

    the intensification phase i mainly just bench. as i get stronger i may start using heavier bands or chains if i ever get enough.

    i think the hardest part is figuring out what lifts directly and indirectly effect your bench. i follow the advice given to me to do what you suck the most at. close grip and incline i suck the most at so i try and do those more often then anything. i have talked to people that have done westside for years and the exercises that help can change in time as your weak points change. i know right now my overhead press goes up my bench goes up. others i train with can have their overhead go up and their bench go down. one guy when his bent over row goes up his bench goes up and another when his floor press goes up, etc, etc.
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  4. Asoon: Good stuff bro thanks for the in-depth advice. Def makes sense. I actually like your 4 week Accumulation Deload then Intensification for 2 weeks... Right now I'm doing 2 weeks Accum 2 weeks Intens then 1 week deload. I actually follow at H.I.I.T program along with it 2x a week.. So for Density you do 30 sec sprints 4 minute rest for 6 rounds... Then for Accum you do 2 min of sprints followed by 4 min break... It's pretty cool doing it along side the weight program... It's gotten me stronger overall and my bench went up 30lbs in 6 weeks

  5. here is a thread on another forum that goes into a long discussion of westside.

    storm the beach is a guy with a masters in exercise science and has trained with louie many times and has a standing open invite to train at westside. so he is an awesome treasure trove of info on that system. you can also see how many of these guys make it work for them which is awesome.
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  6. Block periodization really should only be applied for those with very high training loads (e.g. Oly lifter, football, MMA, etc.) and I have started to come to the conclusion that a deload is not necessary if you're programming everything properly.

    As far as the conjugate system goes, it's become the standard for PL'ing for a reason: it works.
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