My garage, a squat rack, and a barbell...

  1. Need help with program with just barbell...3 day mass gainiing

    Putting together a home gym in my garage, I'll have a power cage (squat rack with pull up attachment), bench, and a 300lb barbell set (to start with). I'm trying to put together a mass gain 3 day far I've come up with one of theses two...keep in mind I only have a barbell, no dumbbells, cables, etc.

    Day 1 - 2-3 sets each 8-10 reps

    Lying Press
    Military Press
    Bent-over Rows
    Biceps Curls
    Lying Triceps Extensions
    Good Morning

    Day 2 - 2-3 sets each 8-10 reps

    Calf Raise
    Wide Grip Lying Press
    Reverse Grip Bent-over Rows
    Front Raise
    Reverse Grip Curls
    Close Grip Bench Press

    Day 3 - 2-3 sets each 8-10 reps

    Stiff-Leg Deadlift
    Reverse Close Grip Bent-over Rows
    Upright Rows
    Standing Overhead Extensions
    Bent-over Concentration Curls
    Wrist Curls
    Side Crunches


    Day 1

    Bench 3x5
    Incline 3x8
    Decline 2x8
    Close grip: 3x8
    Overhead ext's 3x8

    Day 2

    Deads 3x5
    Rows 4x5
    Pullups 3x5
    Curls 6x8

    Day 3

    Squats 3x5
    Leg Curls 2x8
    Leg Ext's 2x8
    Calf Raises 2x12

    Military press 4x5
    Shrugs 4x8

    Which one would you choose between these two, or would you suggest something else entirely? Again, I'm looking for a 3 day workout, with just a barbell.


  2. With that set-up I would look into the 5x5 workout!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by drivehard View Post
    With that set-up I would look into the 5x5 workout!
    Totally agreed.

    I would say that I like the overall idea of your first workout, as you hit various body parts multiple times a week instead of one body part once a week. 5x5 accomplishes this as well, and it has a very logical setup depending on where you stand in terms of strength development.

    Stronglifts 5x5 is good for beginner/intermediate lifters, as is Starting Strength, whereas Madcow's 5x5 is better for advanced lifters. I don't know where to go from there if you want to stick with 5x5, though. I like both of those training systems as its a pretty barebones training system requiring basically just a barbell, a squat rack, and a bench.

  4. I like the 2nd one. And also there are more exercises you can do for shoulders even though you are limited to only a barbell for now. Upright rows is a good exercise. You can also grab 2 equal plates and do a triple superset of side raises, bent over rear delt raises, front raises. That would be nice and intense. Just be creative with your equipment limitations

  5. Thanks for the replies gentlemen! I'll look into stronglifts and post again...I may modify it a bit. And I forgot I could do side raises with my plates....duh..

  6. If you go on you can look up a list of exercises to do for each body part w/ the equipment that you have

  7. Yea, I know what I can do, just trying to put together the most solid routine I can

  8. How's this: I took the GVT split and kind of made up my own (I like making my own workouts)

    Monday: Chest and Back

    Flat Bench Bench 3x5
    Incline Bench 3x5
    Decline Bench 3x5
    Flat bench rep out 1xfailure
    Barbell Rows 3x5
    Pullovers 3x5
    Dead-lifts 3x5
    Pullups 1xfailure

    Wednesday: Legs and Abs

    Squats 3x5
    Stiff Legged Deads 3x5
    Barbell Lunges 3x5
    Calf Raises 3x10

    Barbell Sit ups 3x10
    Leg Raises 3x10
    Side twists with barbell 3x10

    Friday: Shoulders and Arms

    Military Press 3x5
    Side Raises 3x5
    Shrugs 3x5
    Barbell Curls 2x8
    Close Grip Bench 2x8
    Barbell Concentration Curls 2x8
    Overhead Tricep Extensions 2x8

  9. That looks goodrich me. The sets look perfect since you will be working out 2 body parts

  10. 5/3/1 with the boring but big template. Simple and effective
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