need ideas for hamstring day

  1. need ideas for hamstring day

    Due to knee issues, I can only do knee extension exercises once per week, so I split up quads and hams on separate days. I need another couple exercises to rotate in, preferably compound. Right now I do rdls, good mornings, seated leg curl and laying leg curl. I was thinking GHRs but the last time I was doing those it aggravated my knee for a brief period of time. Any ideas would be appreciated

  2. SLDL's!
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  3. I am precontest right now, but setting a Hypertrophy routine up for my next bulk

  4. That's plenty for hamstrings.
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  5. box squats are the only thing i would add
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  6. Swiss ball leg curls (double and single leg), lying straight leg hip extensions with heavy bands, nordic eccentrics, single leg RDL's, etc. are some good ancillary movements to put in place of the machine work.


  7. Good mornings ought to do the job. I do them after squats. The trick is to stick your ass out and really stretch them


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