for how long is protein synthesis accelerated after training?

  1. for how long is protein synthesis accelerated after training?

    If anyone got some studies for me, I would be grateful. I've already been searching and all I came up with is that protein synthesis is higher for 24-48 hours, depending on rep range, number of sets, etc... but its all very vague.

    And then there is the question of regeneration of damaged tissue, which seems to be a independent process that can take longer (i.e. muscle soreness can take longer to disappear then the duration of higher protein synthesis after training).

    So... in an ideal world, where regeneration takes as long as the protein synthesis window after resistance training, it would be ideal to train the same muscle again after 48 hours. But thats not what my experience is... at least, when it comes to regeneration, not protein synthesis.

    Which makes me wonder if the best way for hypertrophy would be to hit the same muscle again after 48hours, but to make sure that the damage is minimal so the regeneration takes about as long as the protein synthesis is increased. (and at the same time to variate the workouts so there is no final adaption)..?


    Anyone knows more? Seems still very vague to me...

  2. I like your logic but i cant verify. Lol

  3. It would seem to me that it would be smarter to train the muscle only after it has completely regenerated. Your body should still be going through protein synthesis due to the fact that youre still training it, just different muscle groups.

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