increase non weight training days on a cut?

  1. increase non weight training days on a cut?

    I've been thinking about increasing the days between weight workouts on a cut... the reasoning is the following:
    1. increased regeneration time needed for recovery, because of the kcal deficit
    2. because of more cardio, the training volume would increase too much (for me)
    3. I've been having great success of introducing extreme dieting days 2-3x a week into my routine, but having weight workout days and extreme diet days too near to each other is actually a bad thing, so I wanted to add a buffer to that one.

    I like my 3split routine, but its taking me some time to get through it, and I think doing cardio afterwards would simply be overkill.
    And to make use of all the free time, I would add a lot of cardio in most of the non weight training days (I guess I could call myself an endomorph so more cardio should be a good thing for me).

    What do you guys think? Anyone had a similar experience that recovery takes longer on diet?

  2. You are correct, resources toward recovery is always better you are trying to get optimum results in conditioning

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