Feel really tired after lifting weights

  1. Feel really tired after lifting weights

    I make sure to eat protein for breakfast and later on in the afternoon I lift. When I am done lifting I tend to feel exhausted. I get enough carbs throughout the day and I am really fit and have a good deal of energy on days when I am not lifting. What could be the cause of this?

  2. You should be exhausted after training. I would feel like I wasted a session if I came out feeling like I could have done more.
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  3. What rodja said. You should "Leave it all at the gym". That being said, how soon before you lift do you ear? Sometimes a banana or pb sandwich an hour before lifting helps immensely. Or a preworkout/coffee/etc to kick things up a little if the post WO letdown is what concerns you. Some hold to the "anabolic window", that you need fast absorbed nutrients right after lifting, for others this does nothing for strength/gains/recovery. Personally I am starving after lifting. Hope this helps
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  4. what is 'exhausted'? entirely? just the muscles you've trained? sometimes exhaustion is normal (leg day). but everyday could be a real issue with fatigue, overtraining, not enough sleep or food.

  5. Thank you for the tips.
    Exhaustion meaning, if I work out around 3pm and finish around 3:40, I feel sluggish for the rest of the evening. Just drained of energy. The next day I am usually fine though.

  6. Don't see a problem with this; if you're kicking azz for 40 minutes then you may be tired afterwards. Keep on pushing tho, the more you do it the better your stamina will be, and shouldn't get AS tired, but you should still give 100% effort
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  7. After a rockin' legs day, I just lay in bed for a little while after I eat. Usually legs+food= naptime for me. It kills me.

  8. eating carbs after training can knock you out as well from the insuin release, you can feel sluggish for hours


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