bobo and other smart peeps, rate my diet/supps

  1. bobo and other smart peeps, rate my diet/supps

    ok, so i decided since i'd rather impress the ladies in the student union building rather than the fat powerlifters at the gym, and go get really cut up. I'm at about 20% BF and i want to get to around 10%. I've decided to do it without the help of stimulants/thermos, considering how ephedrine nearly gave me erectile dysfunction (read in supp forum) and this way i can really work on getting my diet and training dialed in, will be a good learning experiance for future diet phases. anyway, because diet has to be top-notch it will be really clean and i wanted some of you guys to take a look at it and see if my logic for what i'm doing has merit or i'm just a dumbass one level up from a flex magazine reader.

    Diet - will look nearly the same everyday (cept weekends, might see a redbull and vodka or light beer here and there, i'm in college)

    meal 1 for good protein (~25g) and just enough carbs
    5 egg whites
    1 whole egg
    1/2 cup oats
    1 slice whole wheat bread
    trace milk, splenda in oatmeal.


    meal 2 PWO (40g protein at least)
    2 scoops ON opti-promeal.
    1 banana
    1/2 - 2/3 cup oats

    meal 3 (40g protein)
    chicken breast
    brown rice

    WORK (5-9PM)

    meal 4 (40g protein)
    chicken breast
    1 tbs natural peanut butter
    3 caps fish oil

    meal 5 (~32g protein depending on tuna brand)
    1 can tuna
    trace mustard
    3 caps fish oil


    diet green tea or water with meals and througout the day
    vit C 2g per day
    zinc + magnesium 15 min before bed
    have some swole v2 lying around, might use it once i start making progress.

    does this look solid as an initial plan of attack, what can i add or subract to make it more optimal.

    oh yea, 21 years old, 200lbs even, 1.5 years lifting experiance, no PH or AAS experiance.

  2. i really don't see the need for the banana post wo- the fructose mostly refills liver glycogen so it won't really help your muscles, i would just stick to the oats. and try for about 240g of protein a day, oh and about how many calories is that?

  3. Just remember that protein is the MOST thermogenic compound out there, so the more of it the better off you are. I would also drop the natural peanut butter with the fish oil meal. I think that is a little overboard on the fat.

  4. make sure that redbull and vodka is sugarfree redbull and vodka

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