How to gain muscle and visible abs

  1. How to gain muscle and visible abs

    How do I gain muscle mass and lose abdominal fat at the same time?and my abdominal exercises hasn't been really helping either.i do 4 sets of 12 reps of incline leg raises,4 sets of 15 reps of crunches,I rest only 30 secs in between sets and I finish off with a minute plank with a 25 pound plate on my back.pls help.i need to gain muscle mass and visible and at the same time.

  2. recomp. lift to gain and eat to maintain. abs is all diet.

  3. I know.i've been on a bulk for months and it wasnt a really clean one but it did help me gain some muscle mass but also abdominal fat.i would like to gain muscle mass without really gaining anymore abdominal do I do that?im 17 and I weigh around 170 pounds.

  4. dont say you know, you obviously dont since you proceeded to ask a second time. its a simple answer as to how.

    find your maintenance caloric intake. eat that many calories in a day +200 on a lift day -200 on a cardio day. when you lift, lift to gain mass. recomp in other words.

  5. diet is key, and fat burning cardio. also, you can't target fat. doing a thousand ab exercises will not help in visibility (except for protrusion, that is, they may get bigger, but will just push you out more).

  6. ITs pretty hard to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time... Abs are all in your diet.. IF you clean up your diet and make it super strict and train hard your abs will come..

    My abs came in the best when i did cardio right when i woke up and before i went to bed

  7. abs are about body fat...if its low enough they will show, it you want them to look better you'll have to diet


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