Couch to 5K

  1. Couch to 5K

    Who's attempted/attempting this program? A good friend of my wife's put me onto it as a segway into running.

    I've never been good or looked forward to running as a form of exercise, but the older I'm getting and the older my kids are getting, the more I wanna live.

    Grabbed the app for my iPhone and am writing this during the walking portions.

    Jog for a bit, walk for longer, in short intervals. Gradually increase by the day until you're eventually able to run 5K at a fast pace. I'm a bit over halfway through and already hate it! Haha

    I had wanted to start this at the beginning of the year but wasn't in shape enough. Now, with holding less weight and having ran a mile as a warmup for a good four weeks, I've decided to tackle this ugly monstrosity known in some circles as Running. What a ghey hobby! No homo...

  2. Man card please...

    J/K, my wife runs marathons and is always trying to get me to start running. I just tell her I'm built for lifting heavy things off the ground, not running. I do tell her though when I get off the couch and run to the fridge for a beer

  3. My man card is so irrevocable I kept it while watching The Notebook and holding chihuahua. With a pink collar.

    I'd love to be able to run a marathon though! That would be crazy. I'd also like to experience a runner's high sometime in my life. How do I achieve that ****?!

  4. I get my runners high usually right past the 1st wind when I'm almost like **** this and want to stop. If I keep going through the pain I hit 2nd wind and the "runners high" starts. It gets better every wind. I used to hate running and still do because I ran so much in the military it burnt me out. Now I kinda look forward to the runners high.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  5. I can't wait to get there.
    It'll be a while before that happens, but I'm still hype.



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