Training schedule advice

  1. Training schedule advice

    Hey all,

    I am a first time poster, so apologies if something similar has been asked before.

    I wanted to get opinions regarding my workout schedule. Firstly, I am 6'1" (185cm) and 178lb (81kg).

    I work out as follows: Workout A (chest, triceps, shoulders), B (biceps, upper (sometimes also lower) back, legs), C (abs, obliques, lower back, and cardio).

    During the week I do day 1: A, day 2: B, day 3: C, and then repeat. How often should I be taking a rest? I have started taking a day off after each three day cycle, but is that something that is effective? Is my schedule logical?

    I've been going to the gym regularly since about June last year (2011). When I started I weighed about 86kg, vs 81kg that I weigh at the moment. I was pretty much sedentary prior to this. I am trying to lose fat, but also gain more muscle - I am not looking to be huge, but going more for definition and to fill out my shirts etc a little better.

    Also, a recent fat percentage test done by a trainer at my gym showed my fat percentage to be 19.8% (however I can see my abs to a certain degree)

    I am seeing that there are results, in that I have gained more muscle and that there is more definition. However, I would have expected that I would see better results by now. I do take protein shakes and eat normal sources of protein. I aim for about 120g of protein a day when I am working out.

    I hope that is enough information regarding my situation.

    I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.


  2. If you can see your abs.....19.8% seems a tad high. But the split you've been using is a pretty popular one. I'm sure someone else with more knowledge than me will chime in here shortly. Just keep at it and don't discourage yourself.

  3. and UP your protein

  4. I would change up your workouts and probally add more sets.. how many sets/reps you doing now???

    I would change workout B to just back bis and cardio

    change workout C to legs and abs

    You can leave your split as it is 3days on 1day off then repeat or try doing something else and see how body responds

  5. if you are new to exercise i would not recommend using your own program. follow a proven one for 6-24 months.

    you want size, the volume will help. you want to shed fat, then diet is key. here is the trick, diet to shed fat you will minimize muscle gain as it occurs best during caloric excess. so keep that in mind. as a new lifter you can gain what we call noob gains and gain muscle and shed fat even on a subpar program with a subpar diet. so enjoy it while you can.

    i am a fan of simple on programs. check out some of the 5x5 programs out there, like starting strength or strong lifts. do some conditioning like loaded carries and sled work a few days a week and that should build a solid platform in 6-24 months to be more specific on a program for your goals and needs.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.



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