Bent over Rows on Shrug Machine

  1. Bent over Rows on Shrug Machine

    Has anyone done bent over rows on the Hammer Strength Shrug Machine????.. Not exactly sure if thats the name. Machine is mostly used for shrugs. Ive seen ppl doing bent over rows with it. Has anyone done it?? Was going to try incorportatin into my routine next month

  2. I like it
    Always willing to learn :D

  3. I like to lay with my stomache and chest on an incline bench and grasp a barbell directly below my mid to lower pecs and pull up towards my belly-button.This relieves the stress on the lowerback and helps keep a good proper form. This has done wonders for my I told the old guy at the gym questioning why I put so much stress on my bqack when I lift, "I always forget an umbrella when I go to the beach, so I need my lats to block out the sun!!;p

  4. Pendlay rows are your friend. My back workout = Pendlay's, DL's, shrugs and face pulls

  5. I do the bent over rows on the HS shrug machine almost every upper body day. I set the seat as high as it goes, use the bottom handles and lean up at about a 45 degree angle. I don't use much weight, just focus on squeezing my shoulder blades together. It feels like a bent over row/upright row combo. Since I'm on the machine already, I'll knock out a set of shrugs to make it a superset.



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