4-Day Split

  1. 4-Day Split

    Can anyone suggest a decent 4-Day split? I just finished up a cycle of sheiko 37 and didn't really like the results on my bench. Don't get me wrong I love sheiko but it seems my squat and DL shoot up but my bench lags.

    I was thinking of working in the old mm2k bench program. Any thoughts on how to do this effectively?

  2. never been much for strength training man, but i know 5/3/1 is a good training system..

  3. I was thinking more towards size this time around. 8-12 Rep range. One of these days ill run 5/3/1 but with my shoulder giving me trouble I'm trying to keep the weight down. Thanks for the input though brother

  4. Well **** dude being a bodybuilder myself i love hypertrophy training..
    my current split looks like this. arms... legs.. off.. back.. chest/delts.. off.. off.. repeat. good growth there

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