Is this gonna work or am I crazy strongman training?

  1. Is this gonna work or am I crazy strongman training?

    Well it's getting nice out and I just thought I would change it up and just do these exercises everyday do you think it will work for strength and size and even some cardio?

    Tire flip 350lb tire (5 flips)
    Farmers carry (cut I beams with welded on handles)(30 yards)
    Sledge hammer hits 20 each hand
    Climbing a rope off a limb top to bottom bout 15 to 20 feet
    Wood chopping 20 each hand
    Pull the 350lb tire 30 yards.

    Doing the above 3 circuits worth....3 days a week...
    I want to build functional strength....
    yes or no? Anything to add to help it work better?

  2. if you are doing strongman training most of that will help. but take the tire and make at least 500lbs. i started with a 400 thinking it was going to be too light. now i flip it one easy motion and have done a 600lbs tire with a few months of trying.

    and go way heavy on those farmers. light weights in a competition can do over 200 per hand. some heavy weights will go as heavy as 300 per hand.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

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