New here. Need help please. Pics included.

  1. New here. Need help please. Pics included.

    I really need some help as I feel I am spinning my wheels. Some direction would be appreciated. I'll keep this brief:

    Age: Mid 40's.
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 179lbs

    I have been training consistently for 18 months. I used to be 205lbs but lost weight a couple of years ago through cardio and resistance training. I know about diet, macros, etc... I eat fairly clean and go with about 170 gr. of
    protein per day.

    Lift stats (1RM):

    Bench 175lbs
    Squat 235lbs
    DL 260lbs
    OH Press (bar) 110lbs
    Maintenance calories working out 5 days a week (3 weights, 2 cardio) is about 2600.

    I have been training with several programs but I can only stay on some for so long (I know, I know). I've done upper/lower, push/pull/legs, etc... At my age I feel that a push/pull,legs where I work each muscle every 4th or 5th day gives me enough time to recover.

    Here are my issues:

    As you can see, not a lot of gains in the past 18 months. I have gained bench started of at 135lb for 5 reps so I have seen some progress but not enough for that amount of time. I am afraid to gain fat and that is why I go from mini-cuts where I don't achieve much (lose 2 - 3 lbs) to some bulks where I eat slightly above maintenance, gain a little strength and muscle, notice my gut getting bigger, start a cut. But all of these last only two or three weeks so I am spinning my wheels. I do cardio a couple of times a week.

    My goal is a nice lean physique with some muscle. Ultimate goal is about 10 more lbs of muscle and 110-12% bodyfat. I am not interested in Starting Strenght as my goal is not to Deadlift 6 plates but to be healthy, lean, and look reasonably ok without a shirt on.

    I would bulk but I am afraid to gain fat, especially at my age where it all goes to my gut. Cutting would be fine but I am afraid I would look like a bag of bones. I have read that a good body recomp happens if your bf is low.


    - What do you guy think my bodyfat is?
    - What should I do? lean out more and then try to slowly bulk?
    - Should I try a recomp even if it takes longer? Maybe HST?

    I am very committed but I feel I am making no progress and I am getting frustrated.
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  2. C'mon guys, 72 views and no comments? I need help.

    Cut or bulk? or cut more and then slowly bulk?

  3. bulk, or what some call lean bulk....honestly if youre afraid to gain alittle fat then dont bother, it comes with the territory and is more fun
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  4. 12%, try a 5x5 routine, eat slightly higher than maintenance calories to minimize fat gains......
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    12%, try a 5x5 routine, eat slightly higher than maintenance calories to minimize fat gains......
    Something like Madcow 5x5? I know that is mostly for strength. Will I make some size gains too?

  6. you should see size gains but with over a year of training already it doesnt show in the pics, i would guess diet is the problem....start 2800-3000 cals and go from there
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  7. Bulk. And don't be scared of your fat.

  8. Yup id bulk too cuz u need to build a good foundation

  9. And lengthen your cycles to 4-6 weeks. Fats not the enemy man, you wanna look good with a shirt off then bulk up! And add pyramids to your regimen, they'll help with both size and strength.

  10. decide what you want to do for sure and go with it.. you can never gain 10lbs of muscle not even 5 if you wont bulk up. I dont think you want to be a bodybuilder but I think you need to start traingin a bit heavier and things would come around.. I don't think you need to cut anymore.
    Try doing a lean bulk like stated and see how that goes, once winter comes around just go crazy with your bulk


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