my fav split

  1. my fav split

    I have ran a lot of popular routines and training splits but I always end up with a modification that I feel incorporates what works best. My rep ranges for each exercise vary between dc, 5/3/1, and gvt (however I am feeling at the time). Here's an example of my push/pull/legs:
    The rotation is 2days on 1day off repeat
    -Push#1 - flat/decline bench -dips -close grip bench -calves
    -Pull#1 - t-row -seated row(single arm) -bar pull to chest from low pulley/ rear delt work - low back extensions
    -Legs#1 - Bulgarian split squat - leg press(feet high and wide) - lunge - calves - Abs
    -Push#2 - (shoulder focus) shrugs/warm-up - press: seated/standing - lateral raise - incline press superset w/ incline flies
    -Pull#2 - chins/pull-UPS - lat pulldowns ( single arm) - wide grip pulldowns - pullovers - calves
    -Legs#2 - stiff leg deads/ rdls - leg curl - squats - Abs

  2. I also throw in hill sprints for cardio on some off days or after lifting except for leg day or before leg day

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