Bigger veins in right arm than left?

  1. Bigger veins in right arm than left?

    Been working on losing weight. As I do so the veins in my right arm are really becoming pronounced. The veins in my left are coming out too, but don't pop quite like the right. Musculature on either arm looks equal. I'm left-handed (if that even matters).

    Is this common? Any ideas why this would happen?

    My workout is Stronglifts barbells only.


  2. your workout has zero effect on this, my right arm is more vacso than my left but my left bicep is bigger
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  3. My veins are noticably easier to see in my right bicep also.

  4. I've also seen this alternate between forearms from workout to workout...
    I have read somewhere that vascularity has a lot to do with BF%...
    Can't give you any other ideas bro....

  5. I think it is just genetics... My veins are bigger in my left arm and im right handed

  6. Oddly my left side is far drier than my right. And I have veins in my left arm that look twice the size of the right. My left tricep is also much more defined. All this despite me being right handed. Sometimes people just have imbalances. Gotten you want to fix them either do more intensity or more volume on the lagging side. Whichever you feel helps you grow better use it. If one cycle through gives no results, switch it up.
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