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  1. i have noticed great gains in size and shape. 18in calves, 3.5in gain in my chest, good ab situation but my lats are like nonexistance, like the side of my ribs are so visibile. what can i do, like workouts

  2. More pull ups and dumbbell rows

  3. I don't feel it when I start with power cleans. But when I go heavy on benching 260+ it feels like an ache on the lateral aspect of the anterior sections of the joint. Then when I do power cleans they get worse. But on PC only days it's A-Ok.

    Kinda confusing I guess.

  4. It sounds like classic impingement of the supraspinatus tendon (one of the rc muscles).

    Do you keep your elbows in and a narrower grip when you bench (i.e.: athletic bench), or do you use a powerlifting (wide grip, elbows in) or do you flare them out in poor technique?

  5. I'll try and make a video to put up on here for everyone to critique when I get my workout in today. Which view would be best from an observational standpoint?

  6. A few would be best to use for analysis

  7. aahhhhhhhh the good ole days! Enjoy the lifts with the team. They are the best memories you will have

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ZiR RED View Post
    A few would be best to use for analysis
    It'll have to be tomorrow. My workout partner flaked on me and I don't let strangers spot me.

  9. yuppers, except the sxhool gym is filled with douches so i cant let myself lift there

  10. i havent been updating because i gave been studying for a "current event" madness tourny my school had every year. we are in the final four so we get a week pff. anyhow ima up to 195.2lbs and today is squatttttt day!

  11. Squat day here too. I feel like maxing on bench though just to see where I'm at.

  12. great squat day, my back feels so good, i warmed with 135 and worked my way up ftom 225 to 355, i lovee it!

  13. killin it bra! have you begun offseason spring ball yet?

  14. thanka dude, and yeah 7 on 7 passing stuff start in late may and we got wed practice for that every week

  15. Today's the day....I finally put up 300lbs on bench press!

    Other than that it was a pretty uneventful time. My lifts have gone up slightly I worked up to 325 doing 5x5s on squat and 235x4 (failed on the 5th) for powerclean. I've never put up 300 on bench though so I'm pretty excited about that.

  16. i cleaned for real today for the first time, i started with the bar and worked my way up to 185, what is a good goal for me?

  17. Back when I was in high school the big boys and lbs would put up (ballpark) 225-250ish. Maybe one person got 265 or so. Powerclean is one of those lifts that are super beneficial (fun even) if you use correct form. If you've never done them before though, worry more about using a weight that you can handle correctly, rather than how many plates you can lift.

  18. yupppers, thats why i started with the bar abd went untill the form was going somewhat, its going to be a main theme of my workouts

  19. It's one of the most beneficial lifts for football. But it can be hard to find your sweet spot because (for me at least) I feel my form goes to sh*t when I go too light. keep up the hard work big guy

  20. had to do a quick wirkout today, i had a national honor society meeting afterschool, had to stay late becausei got elected treasurer

  21. shoulder feeeling alot better, i did the 290 buckeye, i felt it in the last one only, i also did some self hanging leg raises to blast the core

  22. what is the 290 buckeye?

  23. the buckeye is a rep system that goes off your max. for example the 290 buckeye is 195/8 210/6 225/4 240/3 255/2 274/1 and 225/4. i started in january with the 200 which is 105/8 120/6 140/4 155/3 170/2 185/1 140/4

  24. attack, what college you playing for?

  25. Hey. What diet/workout plan should I use if I wanted to loose 30ibs by august

  26. budddie, ima not that knowledgable in alll of this, i kinda just worked out what has been good and bad for me and kept it, but i would say that find your maintence calorie intake and that dropped it down 200-300. also have a good lifting routine, bench/deadlift/squats/cleans mixed with good cardio, sprints/distance

  27. goood;good workout day. i went in and started squating at 135 amnd worked myself up to 365
    135/8 225/6 275/4 315/3 345/2 345/3 365/1
    then i still felt real good so i cleaned
    bar/12 105/10 135/8 140/6 155/4 And 175/2 i stopped after that becauase my shouldee felt weird on the last one
    seated rows(cable)- 160/6 4 2
    long bar seated rowa(cable)- 140/10 8 8 3
    my back was rocking so i threw in some core
    hanging( with straps) straight leg raise/ 10 8 6
    hanging(ws) oblique/ 9 8 7
    hanging (at 90 degrees w/o straps leg raise- 6 5 4 5 6 7

  28. how much do you weigh, and whats yoyr height, what are your goals, like losing fat or losing fat and gaining muscles

  29. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro View Post
    attack, what college you playing for?
    I'm not playing anywhere currently. Just trying to get in shape before I transfer to Texas State from Tech.

  30. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro View Post
    the buckeye is a rep system that goes off your max. for example the 290 buckeye is 195/8 210/6 225/4 240/3 255/2 274/1 and 225/4. i started in january with the 200 which is 105/8 120/6 140/4 155/3 170/2 185/1 140/4
    So with my bench max being 305-310 what would the weight %'s you use to plug in the formula

  31. I'm 223Ibs, 6ft3. I wanna loose fat and gain a bit of muscle.

  32. I wanna loose 20-30 pounds by August or September. Maybe more pounds if I could do it safely.

  33. Quote Originally Posted by Speedyboy3 View Post
    Hey. What diet/workout plan should I use if I wanted to loose 30ibs by august
    If you're just trying to lose fat to look better, I would recommend HIIT based on the plethora of information on this site about it. Lots of people have had success with that.

    Now if you're trying to get down to a weight for a sport or I can't reccommend much because I haven't figured that out for myself yet haha.

    Either situation though you'll need a good resistance training regimen as a foundation. Not to mention, the more lean body mass you have on your body the more calories you burn doing nothing (basal metabolic rate). Calories consumed < Calories expended = weight loss.

  34. you can google this and about fifty links will come up, also i found that the buckeye max i do is about 10-20 lbs higher than my actual max, for example my max is between 275 and 280 but i got the 290 one.
    so for 310 is 215/8 235/6 250/4 265/3 280/2 295/1 and 259/4
    for 320 which you probably wld use is
    225/8 240/6 260/4 275/3 290/2 305/1 and 260/4

  35. OK thanks

  36. speedy i would reconmend wendler 5/3/1 because with your frame, you could turn that 230 of "fat" to 190-200 of muscle. do a three day split with 2 cardio day for quicker weight lose or a 4 day split with 1 cardio for better "mass"

  37. OK. Thank you. I looked it up and I saw pretty much what u said

  38. your welcone dude, keep me posted with your progess and hit me up if you have any questions

  39. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro
    your welcone dude, keep me posted with your progess and hit me up if you have any questions
    OK will do. Thanks for everything


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