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  1. we start our speed camp nwxt week its gunnna be crazy, i couldnt imagine 4 years off

  2. Yeah, I finally got my strength approaching where it was when I left football, now I'm gonna have to get stronger and get fast as sh*t again in a very short amount of time.

  3. @Mh same here bro I leave for d3 In 2 months and should of been on my **** I'n November when I got the call

  4. I've got a little longer than you since I'm trying to walk on NEXT spring so I've got a year to get my act together. Although I've been sitting on my butt for the past 4 years whereas you and the OP have both been training in HS for the past 4 years I'm assuming. Hopefully I can get there in time...oh the funny part of the story is that I'm too small to play O line for 99% of the schools in the country so I'm probably going to have to somehow learn a new position as well.

  5. Naw bro I've been on my butt for 4 years as well lol Dam where old lol what's your height I'm 5'6 195 RB

  6. I'm right smack in the middle of 6'1 and 6'2 so I just give myself the half inch. I weigh 238 as of this morning on a balance. but alot of it is fat from me not keeping myself in check. I still can't decide what position I should try out for. I wanna stick to around 220 but to drop to around 10% bf and be in much better cardio vascular health by the time tryouts come a-rollin'.

  7. DE, TE , MLB Or Right/Left , WR bro you Dan near can play any position on the field just get I'n the shape of the position

  8. shoooot at this point I'd be over-joyed to be the holder for the extra point team.

  9. yeah, dude your height gives you the ability to play any position, being five eight ima limited to rb and lb truelly

  10. yeah well my speed is my limiting factor currently haha. hopefully that'll change as quick as my strength has gone back up. what are both of your 40 times as well as your lifts looking like?

  11. as of 3/13 my forty is 4.89. as of 3/20 my bench is 265 squat 385 and deadlift 465. my next maxout is this wednesday and ima hoping/ expectinf 275 400 and 485

  12. Bench 280 max 310
    Squats 450 don't squat much
    40 4.52

  13. measurements as of 4/13
    height 5ft 8in, my goal of 6ft 6 seems far off haha
    weight 192lbs
    chest: 39
    waist: 32
    arms: 15
    shoulders: 47
    forearns: 13
    neck: 16
    thighs: 25
    calves: 18

  14. i needa get my forty back down. when i was 145lbs going into sophmorw year it was a 4.61

  15. Core calves hips

  16. My speed coach just called me back. First meeting with him tomorrow.

    Back in my prime I was benching 275 squatting 360 and my best DL was 500 even. Ran a 4.74 40 at 190 lbs.

    now my bench is 285 my squat is 355 and I'm hesitant to go up much past 365 on deadlift without a belt.

    I have no idea what my 40 is currently either seeing as i haven't run practically at all in 4 years it's probably middle 5's. Hopefully speed memory is just as fast as muscle memory.

  17. what do you mean by core hips calves

  18. The main parts to a 40 bro from what I was told and notice during the process of getting my 40 time low

  19. gunna do some core today because ima maxing at wednesday really wish i could have done it today but what can i do. aiming for thr 1200lbs club barely made 800 last year

  20. What are good food i can take with me to school and eat for the calories. I dont have a fridge or a microwave so keep that in mind

  21. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro View Post
    What are good food i can take with me to school and eat for the calories. I dont have a fridge or a microwave so keep that in mind
    Tuna, almonds, pistachios, beef jerky, protein powder (mix w/water), peanuts.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Swanson52 View Post
    Tuna, almonds, pistachios, beef jerky, protein powder (mix w/water), peanuts.
    My favorite snacks!

  23. I stay on the almonds and carnivore protein

  24. i hate not really veing able to work out but its all for the best. official weight: 191. standardize test tomorrow so cant eat during them so i need a big meal idea for after school

  25. Pasta or my own creation ground turkey pinto beans and brown rice first cook the meat at the same time everything else get a big pan dump all that sh*t I'n there add some hot sauce you all good bro

  26. I like to get those frozen stir fry or veggies bags toss the whole thing into a frying pan with a little water and throw in some butter and whatever kind of meat you prefer (either cook it prior or make sure it gets cooked all the way through). makes plenty for one meal. probably more like two.

  27. Not going to work to well without a fridge, but my preworkout meal/snack goes like this:

    Higher CHO:
    cup of greek yogurt
    cup of dry quick oats
    cup of mixed berries (frozen and defrosted, or fresh)
    stevia to taste

    Low cho:
    cup of greek yogurt
    3/4 cup of chopped up coconut meat
    1/2 cup of mixed berries
    stevia to taste


  28. i am maxing tomorrow woot woot! bench, squat and deadlift. i normally dl, bench than squat due to my want of seperating my leg lifts and being freshest for deads. any opionons?

  29. Let us know how your maxes went today. Knock em' out!

  30. Good luck go ham bro


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