Alternate Squats and Deadlift every week?

  1. Alternate Squats and Deadlift every week?

    Some background... 31 years old, 6'3, ~220lbs. I've been at this hard again for a couple years now and I'm really enjoying a "power building" workout I found on another site. The split is as follows(not including a couple warm up sets):

    Monday- Chest... 6x5 incline bench, 5x10 flat bench, 3x8 flyes, abs

    Tuesday- Legs... 7x3 squat, 5x10 leg press, 3x8 leg extension, 6x10 calf raises, abs

    Wednesday- Shoulders... 3x8 standing military press, 3x8 wide upright row,s 3x8 db upright rows, 4x12 lat raises

    Thursday- Arms... 3x8-12 standing curls, 4x8-12 skullcrushers, alternating db curls 3x8-12, rope press down 4x8-12, preacher curl 4x12 and 1 arm db tri extension 4x 8-12, abs

    Friday- Back... 7x2 deadlifts, 3x8 pullups or lat pulldowns, 5x10 db rows, abs

    My question. I'm still sore on Friday from Tuesday's leg fest. Last week I was on vacation and skipped leg day to go hiking with my son. Later that week I had an EPIC deadlift workout. So, I've been thinking that alternating squate and deadlifts may improve both. Or possibly still doing both each week and alternating a lighter workout for each.

    What do you guys think?

  2. i would combine either your shoulder or arm day with one of your other days like chest or back, that would leave a day open for rest before you do deads so you could hit it hard again without being overly fatigued, just my 2 cents

  3. I would either alternate weeks or change the load/volume each week on them. For example, 5x5 for squats and 3x3 on deads for week one, 3x8 on squats and 5x5 on deads, etc.

    I also noticed that you have no hamstring work. You need to change that immediately by tossing out the leg extensions and subbing in either SLDL or good mornings.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. I'm having a similar problem. My Hams and butt are still sore, so I can't pull with the legs. I was thinking about alternating them on leg day.
    So it would look like.
    Leg ext.
    Standing calve raises
    -chest shoulder tri
    -back and bicep abs
    Dead lift
    Leg ext
    Seated calve raises
    Off so on and so forth.

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