Looking for tips

  1. Looking for tips

    Want to start training specific body parts separately and wondering if this is OK since I am trying to put on size. Have been doing the old routine of chest/triceps, back/biceps etc. ??????

  2. Sure! What makes you think it wouldnt lol? If you do decide to do this though i would keep your training sessions short eg:
    Incline press/flat press/flyes. Ramped in weight to a top set. Thats it, leave the gym go home!

    and fyi changing to a single body part per day split wont really help you gain anymore size then the 3 or 4 day split your currently on. Theres plenty of factors to consider, just make sure your gaining strength on a progressive basis no matter what split you decide upon, set yourself small goals!

    If you want a pre laid out 5 day 1 muscle group per day split with all the answers, i think MaxOT is solid program. http://www.ast-ss.com/maxot.php
    "Dont worry about the burn man! You can do Jane Fonda classes if you want the burn"

  3. Thanks for the info. Read over workout and like it alot.

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