I need a sick arm day

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  1. Biceps: DB 21s 3 sets
    rope hammercurls 3 sets 12-20
    1 arm hammer strength preacher 3 sets 12-20 1 extra set with both arms and 3 drops
    pose curls 3 sets 15-25
    incline db curls 3 sets 12-20

    rope or straight bar pushdowns 3 sets 12-20
    ezbar skullcrushers to closegrip bench 3 sets 12-15 SC moving directly into closegrip bench to failure
    one arm reverse grip pressdown 3 sets 12-20

    finish with century set of cable straightbar curls

  2. For me the biggest trick I've picked up lately has been time under tension. The difference between busting out 12 reps in 24 seconds or 12 reps in 48 seconds makes a huge difference for me in terms of the pump and DOMS.

    Try a 2020 (2 second contraction, no squeeze at the top, 2 seconds down, no pause at the bottom) and then a 2030 with a manageable weight and you'll get what I'm poking at. Being that "present" throughout each rep really helps with mind-muscle focus as well! Give it a shot.



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