Incline Bench Press

  1. Incline Bench Press

    Just wondering what you guys take on the incline barbell press movement. See some guys stop @ the chin, see some come a little lower, and some come all the way down to chest with bar. Which is safest, most effective? Not really trying to argue which is better bb or db. I think they both serve a purpose and have places in the chest routine.
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  2. well Personally I like coming all the way down when I can. Sometimes my shoulder is sore and only come till my arms are at 90 degrees



  3. i have a shoulder that pops when i incline barbell so i go down till it pops hahaa

  4. For me its bring the bar down close to my chin. The bar doesnt hit my chest when performing inclines at around a 20-30 degree angle.
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  5. I bring in down till it touches the top of my chest near my collar bone. If I don't I just feel I'm cheating myself. This is coming from a guy with multiple shoulder injuries and surgeries.

  6. I too have endured shoulder pain throughout my years of lifting. Think everyone has. Was wondering if anyone could testify to the mechanics of possible shoulder impingement( a bad thing) performing this movement. I would speculate deep reps would put the shoulder more @ risk. @ the same time I would think going deeper would recruit more muscle stress(a good thing). Understand that I use both bb and db on the incline. I also want to get the max out of the incline bb when it is up in my chest rotation wo becoming a volunteer for shoulder surgery.
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