Wich are the Must do Exercises for you?

  1. Wich are the Must do Exercises for you?

    Hey guys,
    First i wanna apollogize if my English is good This the thing.
    Iam going to the gym for some time, but for some time i dont have the time to go too the gym or if i have time to go to the gym i have max 1 hour of time to do exercise. Because i dont wanna fall back in muscles and hAve fat i wanna ask what are the exercises i should do for minimum? What are your big muscles workouts if your training?

    I hoop you can help me please

    Greeting from the Netherlands, Martin

  2. The one exercise that I always do is squats. I never drop that one.

    I'll swap out DBs for bench and overhead press from time to time and mix up the movements for back too. I never sub anything for, or drop squats though.

  3. an hour of exercise if fine....use supersets if your on a time crunch
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  4. essential lifts, i have 5:

    1 loaded carries
    2 hip hinge
    3 squats
    4 pull
    5 press
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  5. Horizontal Push
    Horizontal Pull
    Vertical Push
    Vertical Pull
    Squat variation
    Deadlift variation
    Speed lift

    My accessory movements that I usually try to incorporate.

    Front Squat
    Incline Press
    Rack Pulls
    Floor Presses
    CG Bench press
    Weighted Dips
    DB Curls
    Lateral Raises
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