Hi, I'm new here and I joined because I'm very confused and need help. My stats are as follows:
Age: 18
Weight: 215.8lbs, 34.8% body fat
Height: 5' 6"
Squat: 120lbs 3x5
Press: 80lbs 3x5/4/2
Deadlift: 225lbs 1x5
Bench: 105lbs 3x5
Power Clean: 85lbs 3x5

I've also been using the assisted pull-up machine for chin-ups and am using 130lbs of aid, with 5/4/3 reps, and push-ups(4/3/3), with the hopes of them better preparing me to attempt dips, and I'm 1 workout shy of completing the 8th week of C25k. This means I'm working out 6x a week, and I'm currently on a -1000 deficit, eating only 2400 calories/day. This also means my gains on my SS-like lifting program have come to a hault and I'm actually getting weaker, my PR on the deadlift used to be 245 1x5, now I fail on the third rep @235. I also was at one time close to 3x5 at 90 lbs on the Press, now I'm failing at 80lbs.

My priorities are as follows:
1. Get down to about 20% bf, or a weight where I won't feel the desire to swim with my shirt on(I've done it).
2. Get as strong as I can.
3. Run a 5k or half marathon with my cousin, and run a marathon once in my life

Right now I dont know if I should continue to do the lifting portion of SS, if I should continue running, etc. Should I go down to 2x lifting, 2x running, then go on pure SS with no additions except walking and perhaps chin-ups and dips, gallon of milk and all when I'm comfortable with my body, and only work on conditioning 1-2 months before an event? I can't continue going to the gym 6x a week, at least not at my strength level where running is fairly difficult for me, between the gym and work I'm getting burnt out.