Should i be doing a 4 day upper/lower split?

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    Should i be doing a 4 day upper/lower split?

    My goal is to gain muscle and loose fat, I'm looking to achieve a body like those on the front of men's health/ cover model.

    I do upper then lower. Mon,tues,thurs,fri. I'm thinking is this ok or should I be doing another kind of split?

    I'm unassisted at the moment so I'm natural.

    Should I be ok as I am or is there another program/workout I should be doing?

    Thanks guy.

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    Upper/lower splits are about the best there is. It's best to do them antagonistically so the synergists and agonists aren't fatigued when performing similar force movements.

    I.e. heavy bench, then row, light press, then pullups....three days later heavy press, then pullup, light bench, then row.
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