So basically i've been training for hypertrophy and lookin to switch it up and start a new routine
Been on a 500mg Test and 250mg Deca cycle and just about to start PCT

BASIC Week workout schedule:

Each group has about 3-4 exercisies

So i started off with 4 sets with reps as followed for:
-week 1:: 15-12-10-8
-week 2:: 15-12-10-8
Now onto 5 sets:
-week 3:: 12-12-10-10-8
Now onto 6 sets:
-week 4:: 12-12-12-8-8-8
Now onto 7 sets.
-week 5:: 11-11-11-11-7-7-7

Shoulders/Abs/Traps - 20min LIIT cardio
Back/Tri's - 20min LIIT cardio

I've followed this for 10 weeks, restarting every 5 weeks

So basically im wondering where i should start now, just tryin to switch up the routine to keep on keepin on.
Any feedback or recommendations on a routine would be GREAT!
Thanks !