routine strictly for bodybuilding (adding mass)

  1. routine strictly for bodybuilding (adding mass)

    some time ago i posted here my routine, but people told me it has too little volume and movements. so after few weeks i decided to modify it as you suggested and here it is:

    Lying leg curls - 2 warm up sets then 1 set of 12, go heavier, 1 set of 10, heavier, 1 set of 8, rest about 90 seconds between these sets… then do a drop set like this..go back to weight you did for 12, do it 10 x, drop a plate and do 10 more reps, drop a plate and do 10 reps, then go back up (heavier) one plate and do 25 partials out of the bottom
    Squats 5x5-10
    Leg Extensions: 3x15
    Stiff leg Deads 4x10 - put plates under your toes to maximize hamstring involvement
    Walking DB lunges 10steps each leg (for 2 rounds total)

    TUESDAY: Incline DB Press 4x6-10
    Weighted Dips 4x6-10
    Hammer strength bench press 11-20 total reps- rest pause
    Cambered bar Skullcrushers 4x6-10
    Cable Pressdowns 3x15-20

    THURSDAY: Weighted Chins 3x4-6 - 3 second negatives
    BB Rows 3x6-8 - do mechanical dropset after last set (positioning torso more upward and squeeze some last reps)
    Deadlifts 3x8-10
    Cable seated rows 2x10-12
    BB Curl 4x8-12
    DB Curl 1x6 drop to 6 drop to 8 reps

    FRIDAY: Seated BB Press 3x6
    Seated DB Press 2x8-10
    Leaning laterals 3x10-12 ( i feel side delts best on them)
    Machine shoulder press 11-20 total reps - rest pause
    Standing Calf Raise 4x10 - 3 sec negative, 3 sec contracion

    please tell my what do you think about it

    abs whenever i have time. (1-2x a week) typically bodyweight hanging leg raises and different crunch variations

  2. Chest seems lower volume compared to the rest of your routine. A chest day for me is usually (no specific order)incline bb press, flyes, db decline press, floor presses, dumbbell bp, weighted dips.

    Just note, your goal is not to "work out" but to train. I don't believe you can set a pre planned number of sets and reps but just a guideline to what your gonna do. Stick to compound movements, incorporate isolated movements and don't worry to much about the weight, and focus your mind on training your muscle. Hope that helps

    Also if I'm really hitting a movement really well and getting a great pump from it I'll stick with it for up to five sets... Don't forget about drop sets, pyramid sets, and supetsets

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