pec question

  1. pec question

    i have been working out and i have noticed that know matter what i do i can't get the fullness in my pecs as i do for the other muscles. I was wondering if i was doing something wrong. I'm sore the next day but know fullness know pump no nothen the day of my chest workout

    incline bench
    decline flyes
    rev grip bench

  2. Do triceps before hitting your chest. You won't be able to lift as heavy but your chest will be doing more of the work rather than your triceps. Other than that, lift heavy, sqeeze at the top and make sure to focus and go real slow on those negatives and explode when you go up.

  3. I would say check your form and hand positions before doing tris first. Also slow your reps down. Pull down with your lats and press with your chest.

  4. This sounds like a form issue. As useless as it is as an indictor of hypertrophy, the pump usually indicates mind-muscle connection. Are you gaining strength?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Retract your shoulder blades and keep them contracted hard during any chest movements. If you can't keep them back then your upper back muscles need to be developed.


  6. form is good my bench is at 220 right now and it has been going up but i do my bench first befor my tricepts so i will switch them aroud and see if that helps


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