Get fast

  1. Get fast

    Need to get my forty time back into the 4.4 speed any suggestions on exercise to strengthen the lower body the athletic (football) shape

  2. strengthen and improve the flexibility of your hip flexors.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. So stretch alot I'n the hips and that range of motion

  4. So stretch alot I'n the hips and get range of motion

  5. A. What is your 40 time now and how is your technique in running the 40? You can make some vast improvements on time just by improving technique.

    B. What type of training have you been doing? What is your clean to squat ratio, etc.


  6. 4.73 after injury haven't squat or clean since

  7. Maybe try resistance training to make you stronger

  8. So then the first thing you need to do is general physical preparedness work. 3-4 weeks worth, then you can transition into higher load strength work.


  9. Thanks guys ya getting back into shape now actual live I'n Antioch ca so everybody like maurice jones drew jr cuz he is from here and we look alike from height to body build etc lol


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