How to grow forearms??

  1. How to grow forearms??

    MY forearms are lacking in size anyone have a good workout to make these bad boys grow?
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  2. Use a pull up bar and lift yourself until your chin is over the bar and then keep yourself up till failure -> repeat three times. If you get bored because you don't get fatigued fast enough just add some weights to yourself and your forearms will feel like they will explode!

  3. Time under tension deadlifts and shrugs with NO straps.

  4. The aforemerntioend advice is wise but at the end of the day, the distal extremeties; specifically the forearms and calves size/shape are largely genetically predetermined.

    Sadly, I could be an easy 10-15 pounds bigger (I was at one time) but decided years ago to remain lean/balanced instead b/c of my horrible calf and forearm development. I started looking silly with my 16.5 calves and tiny forearms at that weight (225-230) and my gut was a tad bigger too adding to the detrimental imbalance aesthetically speaking.

    I train hard and Im as dedicated as they come so respetfully, please spare me the preaching on training ignorance. It is what it is.

    Before I get flamed for this, look at most black guys' calves. IMO, most black bb'ers look vastly superior upper body-wise yet can't hang in the calves dept. Phil Heath is the rare exception. Now, this is not to say you cannot develop your forearms to their respective fullest potential but be realistic about your maxinmum gains that's all. Heck, for what it's worth, all bodyparts have their genetic limits; but calves are simply the most common noticeable bodypart validating this.

    Ensuring that you have all the necessary support in place (diet, correct training, appropriate rest), is the best you can do IF you are one who is genetically deprived in these regions.
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  5. 1) Stay away from straps
    2) Grip dependent activities like mentioned above, deadlifts and shrugs
    3) Wrist curls
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  6. Do all your lifting without straps. If you can't do the weight without straps, consider going down in weight. Or at the very least do all your warmups without them. The only thing I use straps for these days are snatch grip rack pulls, but deadlifts and BO rows I don't use wraps.

    For assistance work on other days, I like numerous things: heavy-full-range-of-motion preacher curls, reverse grip curls, farmers walks, suspending yourself with weight for sets of 30 seconds-minute, and doing any sort of finger strengthening exercises (lifting various weighted plates with 2 fingers, trying to pinch weight collars with just 2 fingers [i can do this with pointer and middle finger atm]) ... just a few ideas.

  7. Read an interesting piece, forget who did and who wrote it:
    Take the barbell and put the plates in the opposite direction.
    Squat down and grip the plates with your fingers (pinching it) and lift the weight--by holding the actual plates and pinching them between your fingers (if you can picture that). Supposed to be nasty on the forearms. Of course you wouldn't use a lot of weight.
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  8. Ive been doing reverse ez bar curls and at the top curl ur wrists up...this is what phil heath does for his massive forearms

  9. hammer curls, reverse bb curls, and my back routine really hits the forearms....
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  10. Is it fine for forearm development to wear wrist wraps when doing ez bar curls? I love ez bar curls but without the wraps my wrists hurt.


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