Compounds only routine questions (SRS)

  1. Compounds only routine questions (SRS)

    I'm thinking about going to the gym every other day doing only compounds for the most part so I develop as well as gain strength. Also will be recomping with Epistane, then waiting 6 weeks, then starting H-Drol and would it be a waste of AAS since I'd recover faster and could possibly be lifting on those days. I'm training for aesthetics mostly. Army focuses mostly on cardio and endurance. On recharge so you'll have to wait for reps. just pm me though.


  2. If your in the army a 3 day strength based routine will only compliment that imo. you could focus on your compounds as you mentioned deads/squats/bench and your accessory for the day could be things like pull ups/dips/push ups ect. As i feel this will also go hand in hand with what you would do in the army.

    I have 2 mates that are in the australian commandos, 1 died last year, but they trained this way. they did 5x5 on the main lifts then alot of bodyweight accessory work and gpp work on the off days.

    As far as you cycle and worrying about training days, you could always pulse the Hdrol on your training days. Again thats personal preference. Some people hate the idea of pulsing others love it.

    I would also just do the good ol m/w/f on - t/t/s/s off

  3. I think the plan is a great idea. I don't have any supplement advice but assuming your getting the proper nutrition you need, sounds great. Pretty much the brunt of my training while I served. Thanks for your service brother!

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