This time is different.

  1. This time is different.

    My drive has been ridiculously surprising this go around. Months have passed and I have truly embraced the lifestyle change I chose. Guilt coupled with hope and pride have been huge motivating factors in this race to Healthy, and this time I don't think it's a bad thing. Before, the guilt of poor decisions would be masked by alcohol or pizza. The ****ty choices would be rationalized as "cheat meals" or "rewards".
    This time is different.

    More schedules, more small goal setting, more achieving, less dreaming. Realistic check points in route to a checkered flag that's years away are making this trip much easier - more feasible.

    First goal was to bench my body weight. Second goal was to get to 240. I'm only four pounds away from that. Next goal is to do one wide-grip pull up. I'm not anywhere close to that one. The ultimate goal being to view my abdominal muscles and fill out a XL t-shirt - at the same time. I'm thinking sometime in 2014 I'll be getting extremely close to this, and this time it doesn't bother me at all. I'm not just telling myself, with empty promise, that it'll happen. I'm choosing a healthy, long-term plan that will allow this transition to occur minus discomfort and boredom.

    I've figured out how to eat smart, my calorie counting has become instinctive, and I'm losing weight and gaining strength at a good pace without having to calculate every gram or ounce. This time I want to learn how my body works - not follow advice on how someone else's journey made them succeed.

    Tons of soul searching and sacrifice have lead me down this path, and the end game will be dope. As most do, I wish it could happen sooner, but as long as I keep taking small steps that big jump will become a hop.

    This time is different.

  2. Great plan! Keep your head up and stay positive.

  3. Patience is the most important thing in this lifestyle imo.

  4. Just re-read this thread.
    Yesterday I did two sets of two wide-grip pull-ups AND have been under 240 for the last couple weeks.

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