Help designing a 13 week workout plan.

  1. Help designing a 13 week workout plan.

    I am in the Navy and will be stationed in California for 13 weeks starting April 1, 2012. i have been lifting heavy for quite some time, getting bigger and much stronger. however, i have not put much work into getting lean since high school. i am content with where all my 1 RM's are now (Bench 345, Squat 405) so i am 100% ready to devote the next 13 weeks to drop some weight and BF%.

    Currently im 230 lbs and around 17% BF @ 6'-0" tall. my goal is to be around 210lbs and around 10%-11% BF at the end of the 13 week time frame.

    there will be mandatory PT in the mornings (M-W-F) for 2 hours or so consisting of calisthenics and formation runs. and i plan to run a few miles on my own throughout the week. (roughly an additional 10 miles a week).

    my current work out i do is designed mainly for getting stronger/bigger. i lift around 85% of my 1 RM for 4 sets between 8-12 reps. i have a week off in between each muscle group and am in the gym actually lifting for around 75 minutes M-F

    supplements are going to be something i have used in the past and i know i respond to well.

    0500: 2 Erase, 2 titanium XL, 2 Alpha T-10, 2 Fish oil caps, 1 scoop Casien ON
    1700: 2 Erase, 2 titanium XL, 1 Alpha T-10, Pre-workout (still not sure what ill use) 2 scoops Amino powder, 2 Anabeta
    1900: 2 scoops whey ON, 1 scoop Casein ON, 2 anabeta

    Feel free to make recommendations to the supp list i am projected to run if you think there is a better option.

    Educated advise is what i am after on workout routines to look up and study and dieting to look into. id like to shed 20 lbs and drop to 10% BF if possible. i have the drive and the motivation to do about any routine you throw at me. just looking for some good ol advise about what to look into and why you think it will work


  2. A workout that will help you meet your goal: p90x
    A workout you dont need to buy to reach your goal: Crossfit WOD
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  3. ive looked into P90X before, even bought it. it was not much for me. i prefer to be in the gym.

  4. You'll get plenty of aerobic work with the Navy conditioning drills. Do some sprinting 2-3 times a week for anaerobic work.

    Warm up, do some dynamic stretches and specific track warm up drills
    5-6 x 200m sprints with a walk back for recovery
    Do a progressive slow down jog to cool down prior to stretching

    Or, you can do shuttles or prowler pushes.

    As for weight training. Choose 2-3 core lifts per workout to train heavy. Then finish with a circuit of ancillary and core lifts.


  5. Diet is going to play a large factor as well, I'm sure you realize. So, devote some time into that also. Zir, had good advice. If you run out of ideas that match his suggestions you can go to crossfit and check out the cardio/endurance portion of their workouts and add those in. They offer them in running, swimming, and cycling. It's a good resource and offer everything from sprint work to time trials and more.

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