Pre-planning workouts...

  1. Pre-planning workouts...

    Alright, so I've tried to work out multiple times within the last few years, but I tend to become discouraged from both lack of knowledge and feeling foolish around others. My thought this time is that I'll engage myself into this forum so I can get the support to push myself and learn what I should/shouldn't do. I've already looked into the Workout Logs and basically got myself really confused...

    What am I asking from this post? I want to plan workouts for myself so I can follow a schedule and make sure I look on this forum to keep pushing me. I also understand I'll be changing the routine once I become more comfortable with myself and working out and to deviate from what the body becomes used to. Also, I have a *really* fast metabolism and have learned that I need to eat a ton of food (protein of both plant and meats and plant fats), otherwise I have zero energy to workout for two days.

    So far...
    Walk/Jog (goal is to jog and not have to stop, have Nike+ GPS on iPhone. So far, if I jog too long, my legs get this really prickly feeling that intensifies if I keep pushing myself)

    Rest. (Homework, really... shh)

    Chest (vanity spot that I do want accentuated)
    Back (no idea how to work this out effectively)

    Legs (Lunges included)



    Rest. (I work Fri/Sat/Sun)

    Thank you very much for your help!! I really do like forums and remember how involved I've gotten in others, in the past. I'm quite looking forward to becoming part of this page, in the future.

    Added from edit:
    I'm 23, very little visible fat but plenty around my glutes and thighs, did a personal nutritional assessment on myself and eat an average of 3,000kcal a day (which is the American average, though they're all obese).
    I weigh 145lb at 5'8" right now and don't really do much of any exercising other than my job (fast-paced walking and 15lbs to carry throughout the whole day).
    My skeletal build is quite slim. I already eat the healthy alternatives of most foods and stray away from lactose-containing foods.
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  2. From what it sounds like with your really fast metabolism you might be an ectomorph. What are your goals for working out that you wish to accomplish? Please give some realistic goals, only you know where you are at right now and what is realistic with a minimum of six months of proper nutrition, rest and training. Also, how old are you? Once you answer these questions I will know a little more about you so that we can steer you in the right direction in accomplishing your goals.

  3. Sounds like your on the right track with pre planning the workouts and getting involved. I put all my workouts on paper up to a month in advance. This allows me to move faster in the weight room since I only have to fill in weights and it is a way to hold myself responisble. I always do the workout becasue its already on the paper. Like scar said, give us a little more information.

  4. get a log book ... each workout, try to beat the weight used or the number of reps from the last workout ... it's all about progression and this can help you identify plateaus

    everyone has their own method to the madness, but I list that day's lifts before I get to the gym then I visualize the lifts in my head (mind over matter kind of sh!t that I used to do when I was playing basketball and imagining shooting free throws) ... after that, all you got left to do is move some weight!!

    oh, and if you're having trouble putting on weight then you should drop the amount of cardio you have listed ... just my $0.02

  5. Kk -- added more info about myself in the first post.

    Also, strester -- That does help, but I both want and need to do cardio, 'cause I get short of breath a little quicker than I used to. (non-smoker)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mShujin View Post
    Kk -- added more info about myself in the first post.

    Also, strester -- That does help, but I both want and need to do cardio, 'cause I get short of breath a little quicker than I used to. (non-smoker)
    definitely keep it in for the heart health then ... btw, don't worry about what others think about you in the gym ... if they're too busy paying attention to you, they don't belong in the gym anyway ... f'n dbags

  7. Woo! Used an iPhone app to mark my jog, and it actually told me my fasted speed, fastest mile, and total distance... Now that's just awesome!!
    So far, I've at least moved from planning to starting!


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