Taking a break from training - experiences/advice??

  1. Taking a break from training - experiences/advice??

    I'm currently trying to lose a ton of body fat and gain some muscle (aren't we all?). I've been crazy successful by losing over 55 lbs since November '11, while gaining strength and recomp'ing rather well.

    Recently, I pulled my lower back muscles, strained both my Inguinal Canals, and am battling two week long poison ivy! **** hit the fan, and the rain has been pouring more than usual. All of which is subsiding at a wonderful pace thanks to recognizing my core more during lifts, resting my abdominals and getting my hands on a friend's prednisilone pack...

    Basically, it's time for a break. I didn't want to take my regularly scheduled week off until I finished my eighth week of my current routine... but I don't want to ignore my body either. I'd be starting week 5 today.

    The advice I was seeking was how to effectively take advantage of this week off.

    What experiences have you had to mold how you treat your breaks from training?

    The last time I took a week off it was great. I wasn't as knowledgeable as I am now concerning training, nutrition and vitamin supplementation, so I'm sure there's room for growth this go around.

    My strength went up and my preWO worked better, I just want to see if y'all have any tips on what I can do to utilize this rest period.

    I'm thinking of starting on a glucosamine or cissus regimen today, definitely keeping up with my daily dosing of Animal Pak, fish oil, creatine and the ECA stack.

    Stats: 6'0" 247lbs, 23.5% BF
    Calories: 1500-2500 daily in a 20/40/40 split (fat/carb/protein)

  2. When i take a break(deload)i still train but not to the level i was.

    Just do light versions of your training lower cals some(avg your reg w/o then subtract)do alot of strecthing,use a foam roller if you got one.

  3. Appreciate the response. I've been lax on the foam rolling but will pick it up for the rest of the week. Already anxious about getting back in there...

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