Crossfit any good?

  1. Question Crossfit any good?

    I'm curious to know how bodybuilders feel about crossfit routines for shaping the body?

  2. They do that sort of thing here in the Air Force quite a bit. Some pretty cut dudes come out of it.

  3. I'm still not sure how I feel about Crossfit.. People seem to get great results from it but some of the stuff they do just seems backwards as hell.


  4. Im not a fan of it! I feel theres better ways to do some of the things they practice. Also the name crossfit kinda ****s me, because its nothing new! HIIT/circuit training has been around for ever.

    But they do turn out some fit guys. Can it build a bodybuilder physique? No! Although i do know of a lady that competes that soley uses crossfit as her choice of training, and she looks very good on stage. But for a male looking to pack on some big size it aint going to happen. Theres of course the select few like in every sport that could use crossfit and have a bodybuilder body. And also the newbies that want to get fit and ripped they jump on the crossfit style workouts follow paleo diet or whatever else and gain some lean muscle and lose BF%.

    But as a bodybuilder and what i think about it. I give it 2 thumbs down

  5. Interesting I guess it's probably not gonna put much muscle on a guy like me who leans out easy but can't pack on muscle fast

  6. I hated it. I did it for 2 weeks and was never recovered from the day before.

    I'm too old to do a variation of squats 3-4 times a week along with a bunch of CNS was angry at me.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  7. I do some of it along with traditional weights. I feel there is a place for it, for some. I do not like to do a lot of linear running, so picking crossfit routines that are more cardio oriented works for me. The lighter weight stuff that mixes in running, kettlebell swings, rowing and jumping rope is a somewhat enjoyable (or should I say, more enjoyable than linear runnings) for me.

  8. Injuries abound.
    Powerlifting for the vertically gifted

  9. It teaches a sh!tload of skill, lifting wise and mobility wise. I think it's great as a foundation, but not great for bodybuilders. It's main goal is to not specialize in any one area. If you want an athletic body, and that's your goal (athleticism), then go for it... it's great for many athletes, just watch those shoulder injuries.

    Injury wise, keep in mind they do not condone using a weight where your form will breakdown during the workouts. The main cause of injury in crossfit is due to people's horrible form while they try to max out reps for time. Again, they do not condone that at all (but I see it happening a lot). People in crossfit have a ton of ego, so they tend to try to push themselves too far, form breaks down, and then injuries happen. Just have to train smart and then I think it's great for what it is.

  10. With that being said, I hate burpees, kipping pullups, rope climbing, gymnastics and jump rope, so it's not quite for me. The olympic lifting skills, and overall lifting skills they teach are tops though. as well as their mobility classes.


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