Recomposition Diet and Work Out

  1. Question Recomposition Diet and Work Out

    I am trying to gain 15 pounds of solid lean muscle. Does anyone have a good workout and diet plan I can get.


  2. I am 5'8 158 pounds deadlift is 275, bench 205 squat 280, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  3. lift big and eat big. pretty simple huh? but lets give some more info anyways.

    im going to go on these premises here. you want the body weight more then the size. so density over fluffy muscle. you posted your lifts so strength may be a concern. for rep ranges keep it between 1-8. to make this even easier an established plan would be good IMO. you could try 5/3/1 with the big but boring accessory work. or try some 5x5 programs.

    for diet i am a fan of meat, fat, and as little sugar and refined carbs as possible. now that does not mean all carbs, just sugar and refined ones like flour. try to eat gluten free as much as you can and avoid HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). use fat as your main energy source and you should stay lean while gaining muscle.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

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