Advice on core/abs exercises...

  1. Advice on core/abs exercises...

    I wanted to get some advice from you guys to see what are some great exercises I can do for my abs and also my entire core area. My main trouble area are my lower abs and lower sides. Thanks in advance.

  2. My favorites for lower ABS are reverse crunches and hanging leg raises.

  3. you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. Ab wheel and weighted planks are probably the best two core excersises I have found.

    I always get mad full ab DOMS after both of these

  5. Just a lil tip for training abs. remember to work your abs, want to contract and stretch them you want to squeeze them.
    Many people may think they are working abs but there not...i see this all the time people doing situps or leg raises and there bouncing or using momentum to help them selves back up. you will not see the results you are looking for.

  6. Renegade rows. Wood choppers.


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