Mass gain cardio

  1. Mass gain cardio

    I have been bulking now for a while because I think it's stupid to be ripped and skinny with no muscle mass. In this time I have gained slight bodyfat increase which I knew would happen as I'm gaining at a fast rate, about .5lbs a week. I was just wondering if how much cardio I should be doing to reduce it just a little, I was thinking a light session in the morning on an empty stomach and training in the afternoon. Any suggestions?

  2. Sprint training in a fed state. If you're not on a caloric deficit than doing low intensity steady state fasted cardio is not going to make a difference.

    However, doing high intensity interval training will result in adaptations that promote greater fat oxidation and nutrient partitioning without affected strength gains.

    Do you have access to a prowler or sled? Or a good hill to run?


  3. HIIT is your best be for losing some bf while retaining muscle. And i would not suggest cardio on empty stomach.

  4. I don't have a sled like that no, but how long would you recommend the intervals?

  5. Start out by jogging 400 - 800m. Then perform some dynamic running specific stretches. Then 2-3 sprints at 50%, 75%, 85% speed.

    Then start the actual workout. You're probably not very well conditioned, especially not for sprint training. So start out with:

    8 x 50m sprints. Walk back for recovery.

    Try and build your way up to 10 x 100m. Or, 10-20 x 40-80m hills.


  6. When should I do this? Immediately after my lifting or what?

  7. personally im a fan of changing the diet to shed fat. decrease carbs and increase fat to maintain energy.

    i do like several opinions already offered, the sled, hill sprints, HIIT. i also like tabata stuff.

    My current fav is 100 rep swings. do 10 each minute for 10 minutes. and go heavy. im at my heaviest KB right now with 73lbs. im about to up the reps to 15 per minute.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by gregg1494 View Post
    HIIT is your best be for losing some bf while retaining muscle. And i would not suggest cardio on empty stomach.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by SXIPro View Post
    You dont want your mucsles to be depleated of energy, your work out will not be to its full potential. And since he is looking to keep muscle and lose fat, he would want to speed up high metabolism, not just burn the calories while working out. HIIT is been know to help that.

  10. From what i've read on HIIT in the past, it puts your body in a metabolic state not only for your workout, but for a day or too afterward… I actually had the same question Edge50 did, then i saw his post. But anyways since your bodies in that state, I plan on adding sprints to my training once a week, but wouldn't i need to increase my caloric intake even more so since my bodies in metabolism, at least for those few days?


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