Calf training

  1. Calf training

    I am 6'1 and i have long legs. But I work calves every other day and follow a strict bulking diet with proper macros. But I still cannot gain mass in my calves, any ideas anyone?

  2. Maybe youre over working them. Calves are same as every other muscle imo and should only be trained twice a week but thats just my .02

  3. overtraining for one but, calves seem to respond better to higher reps....try supersetting-weighted seated raises, then high rep standing raises....
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  4. Okay I'll give it a shot, thanks for the advice

  5. my opinions are for what works for me, but doesnt hurt to try...since calves seem to be a problem for you, stick to twice weekly for training...try and feel the burn while you rep and try and train them on your higher calorie days
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  6. O yeah thats the other thing I go real slow and make sure I get full range of motion

  7. Okay I usually do the superset like you said. I don't really count the reps I just go till i can't anymore and do 4 sets. The weight is high enough so I can usually only get 25-30 reps. I haven't been doing them on higher calorie days so I will try that. Only problem is one of my highest days is legs and I don't like doing them cuz the pump from my legs takes away from the contraction in my calves.

  8. Running can really help with calf development if your not arleady doing that I suggest it

  9. If you've been doing high reps change it up and go heavy and get around 10-12

  10. Okay I'll try to add more weight and lower reps, I don't really run at the moment because I'm in a bulking phase, I prefer the elliptical and just do that at a moderate rate

  11. I do standing raises using smiths machine and a step, with about 30% more weight than for squats. Full ROM. Fast, high reps. Seems to hit them fairly. Also running hill sprints is very good.
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  12. You can also try alternating hitting Calves before Legs some weeks and hitting them heavy and intense before hitting the quads and hams. This will help you really push the calves to the limit because you'll have a full tank of gas without being fatigued as you probably would from hitting legs first.

  13. Not to tell you to give up and all home is lost, but I seem to remember Charles Poliquin teaching that calf size is primarily genetic, and influenced the least of all your muscles by exercise. I remember some comparison between an IFBB pro and his brother who didn't lift, and both had almost the same size calves. I think it was in the book "bigger, stronger, arms"

    No personal experience with this theory, just read about it. Have any of you seen significant increase in calf size through training? I'm sure it's possible for some, just saying its possible that your calves could always be a smaller muscle on your frame.

  14. That's what I read in Steve Holman's article too, i.e. that calves are not that easy to grow. Though, it's a muscle like every else so it should be possible to grow it. The shape of it and how high or low it starts is due to genetics.
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