Elbow Pain

  1. Elbow Pain

    I suffered an injury from a foul ball when at the batting cages over the summer probably about July. I fouled a batting cage ball off of concrete and it then hit my elbow. It has not healed fully because every week or two the pain returns. I took two full weeks off in August to try and get my elbow back to normal but I still do not think it is fully healed. What exactly can I do to help this issue?

  2. No progress at all?
    I'd get an xray and make sure it's not fractured
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    No progress at all?
    I'd get an xray and make sure it's not fractured

  4. Theres definitely been progress but some exercises make it hurt more than others.. for example skull crushers

  5. rest until its healed. you dont want to screw it up more.

  6. OP i pulled a muscle in my shoulder and it took months to fully heal, i would think its ok and try to lift and re injure it again. X-ray and rest man.
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