15 mile a day biking + lifting program

  1. 15 mile a day biking + lifting program

    alright so heres the story, car is totaled wont have a new one for a month, im 7.5 miles away from my local ymca where i workout, so ill be biking 15 mile round trip just to be able to workout, right now im about 185 lbs 7-9% bodyfat, my goal is to be about 200 lbs 2-3% bodyfat, my main goal is to be putting on muscle as much as possible, but with having to bike 15 miles per workout, im kinda shot on legs days if i manage to get a leg workout in then i nearly die on the 7.5 mile ride home it kinda feels as if im losing my leg muscle from all the biking and it might be over training i feel, basically i want to know if i should continue to do leg lifts or should i do less sets of legs and instead switch over to swimming laps in the pool instead of lifting for legs because i dont want to be losing any of my leg muscle right now im biking at least 3-5 times per week for workouts and stuff my diet is pretty healthy, looking for other peoples inputs on my predicament and how you think it will help/hurt my goals

  2. Why not try it out and get back to us...I myself couldn't renew my gym membership and resorted to calesthenics, sandbag training, rucks, running for time or distance and I must say it was the best worst thing that could of happend to me! I went from 14% to 10% bf and even added some ARM size

  3. well ive been doing it, i already biked the distance 4 times in the past 7 days 3 upper body and 1 leg workout, and my legs are like absolutely shot right now and it feels like ive pushed them too hard and feel as if i could be losing muscle as a result of this, and by the time i get back to the house and off the bike the next 30-45 minutes after biking+workout my head feels all weird and my body movements are more lucid almost as if im sorta high its really weird and kinda freaks me out im not sure if my legs can continue handling all this without a price, 60~ miles of biking/week ontop of squatting/deadlifting + other leg lifts

  4. Either its really hilly and you're riding a mountain bike, or you are quite out of shape. A 7.5 mile ride shouldn't take all that much out of you...and the more you do it, the more conditioned you'll be and less it will affect your workouts.

    And....eat more!


  5. eat plenty. you don't want catabolism to occur.

  6. are you stretching really well at the gym then when you get home???

  7. been eating lots, and yeah its a really hilly ride it feels more like 15 miles to town and 2-3 miles back no kidding the road runs directly alongside a pretty big river (1/4-1/2 mile wide river) the entire way, so the wind is pushing against me the entire way there and pushing with me the entire way back (after doing it 5 times now i can say its definitely as a result of the river) its also mostly slightly uphill the entire way to town, and slightly downhill the whole way there, with a couple pretty big uphills on the way there all downhill the way back, after doing it 5 times in 9 days now along with getting in 2 leg workouts and my legs are just shot from it, its not that im in bad shape, im in really good shape its just how hard it is on the way to the gym makes my legs really sore when combined with squatting and regular leg lifts(of which have been harder than normal to complete and no noticeable gains/losses have occurred as a result of this) it has gone down a bit in soreness, but its still very uncomfortable in the off time as its alot for my legs to handle biking me (185 lbs) uphill against a good amount of wind for a sustained about of time i usually have to take 2 breaks on the way there (to walk up 2 of the steepest hills) and none on the way back, so you guys are convinced this wont have any negative impact on my leg lifts?

  8. Just make sure to stretch well, cool down, and eat enough and you will adapt.



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