Hi- I've recently spent the past 8 weeks lifting heavy, in the 4-6 rep range to failure. The previous 4 months were spent preparing myself for this bout of high weights and low reps with a high calorie diet.
My current workout consists of 4-5 days a week, something like this;
Monday- Deadlifts and then row, biceps.
Tuesday- Chest and Tri's and abs.
Wednesday- either off or Squats, depends on how I feel from Deadlifts.
Thursday- pullups or pulldowns, 1 arm rows and biceps
Friday- overhead press, Tri's, maybe biceps and abs.

I am noticing soreness in my elbow tendons and some chronic aching in my shoulders, even though I take off on the weekends.

I have certainly built size ( I'm 38, started seriously in September at 17%bf 186lb and now weight 200lbs at 14%)

I am thinking a few things- 1. take a week of completely and then resume my standard routine.
2. Take a week off and raise my reps up to 12-15
3. Continue working out at higher reps.
Any thoughts? I know change can be good and perhaps this is my body's way of telling me...