Pct training tendonitis

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    Pct training tendonitis

    ^^hmm don't know of that's spelled correctly.. Hey all I'm currently on week 2 pct after a pmag cycle. The gains were great but I think I have developed tendinitis in my right elbow. I haven't lost any strength at all. And I'm only down 2lbs so far.. I've been training aggressively because I want to keep my gains..my question is can I still train aggressively and rehab my elbow till the end of pct to bring the weights down a lil bit? If not what I should to maintain the best results and not stress my elbow too much

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    Rough news. For sure I would move from barbell squats to doing safety bar squats if you have that at your gym. I don't really know of anything else besides "lay off the gym," which would be pretty terrible PCT-time.

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