Critique This Please

  1. Critique This Please

    Ive been reading the forums and just want to see what you all have to say about my routine:

    Years Exp: 3.5
    Weight: 180
    Height: 5'10
    Goal: Increase weight (lean mass), and strength

    Back & Biceps - Mon
    Deadlifts 4 Sets
    DB Rows 3 Sets
    Wide Grip Pullups 4 Sets
    Cable Rows - 2 Sets

    Incline DB Curls 3 Sets
    Chin Ups - 2 Sets
    Hammer Curls - 2 Sets
    Preacher Curls - 3 Sets

    Shoulders - Tues
    Military Press 4 Sets
    Cable Side Raises 3 Sets
    Face Pulls - 3 Sets
    Shrugs - 5 Sets

    Legs - Thurs
    Squats 4 Sets
    Leg Extensions 3 Sets
    Stiff Legged Deadlifts 3 Sets
    Leg Curls 3 Sets
    Calf Press 4 Sets

    Chest & Triceps - Fri
    Flat BB Press 4 Sets
    Incline DB Press 3 Sets
    Cable Flys 3 Sets

    Dips 4 Sets
    Close Grip Bench 3 Sets
    Skullcrushers 3 Sets

  2. love it! great split. biceps get hit only once a week, triceps light on tues and hard on friday. Quite a bit of volume on monday, how long does it take you to get through it?

  3. My gym isnt crowded at all so I get what I need quickly and I dont take too long of rests so I would say about an hour give or take or a few mins

  4. Id throw out the cable rows on monday and add in either tbar rows or bent over bb rows

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