Need To Change Workout - Any Tips

  1. Need To Change Workout - Any Tips

    My current stats are on the right. I currently just stopped taking Jack3d after a few months, so all I'm currently taking is a multi-vitamin, whey protein about x2 a day, and some fish oil. I've been doing this workout a while now and would like to switch it up. I would like to focus and improve a lot more on my core area. I was thinking of doing a week of focusing on strength then the next week on core and cardio then the next week coming back to strength then back to core and cardio again and continue. Would that be a good idea???

    Current Workout Plan:

    Monday: Biceps/Back, Lower/side abs, 20min. cardio: elliptical

    Tuesday: Triceps/Chest, Upper abs, 20 min. cardio: elliptical

    Wednesday: Legs, 25 min. Cardio: mix treadmill/elliptical

    Thursday: Shoulders, 30min. cardio: mix treadmill/elliptical

    Friday: Biceps/Triceps, all core area, then 25 min. cardio mix treadmill/elliptical

    Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I hope by core you mean more than just the rectus abdominals and external obliques that you can see in the mirror.

    If you combine core and strength training you will get the best results. You can start off with a greater core and muscular endurance focus, then over the next 6-10 weeks transition into a strength focused program while continuing to make improvements in your core.

    Direct core work is good, but to be really effective there should be a transition from core work to specific the case of a strength athlete, dead lifts, squats, presses, etc. Not to mention, dead lifts and squats place a great load upon the core as well.


  3. Any tips on diet and exercises that you can suggest to me that can get me into the right track into getting a strong core. Like most people, my main problem area is my lower abs and sides. And would like to get more toned in those areas.

  4. Do HIIT cardio and eat less refined foods.

  5. Arms twice a week? Not necessary, IMO. You'll work them directly one day and indirectly on your other push/pull days. If anything do legs 2x/week with squat one day and deads the other.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  6. Thanks for the advice guys! Any other tips or advice on workouts or supplements would be appreciated. : D


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