Critic my workout/Bicep growth

  1. Critic my workout/Bicep growth

    Hi call- I'd like some guidance with respect to my overall workout and in particular, biceps/arm growth.
    First a little history;
    I am 38 years old, 5'10" and currently 200 with ~14% bf.
    I've lifted weights in and off for the past 15 years mixed in with competitive road/mountain bike riding and racing. I worked as a personal trainer (ACSM) during my 20's and early 30's before switching careers.
    My legs, especially upper thighs and calves have always grown quite easily and responded well from the intense cycling.
    My upper body, especially lats and chest also grow quite well; chest measurements/ shoulder measurements are around 44-46 (based on recent suit measure)
    I (re)started serious weight training this past September after taking a few years off and the first 2 months consisted mostly of basic calisthenics and body-weight bearing exercises designed to strengthen my overall physique and minimize injury as I progressed towards a target-specific program.

    Overall development came along quite well when, January 1, I decided to take things to another level by overhauling my diet and introducing some supplements.
    My current diet consists of 6-8 meals a day; typical bodybuilding fare of oatmeal, brown rice, chicken, fish, tuna, vegetables, etc. Minimal white flour, bread, pasta...
    For supplements I have been using creating since 1/1/12 whey protein and a PWO.
    I experienced substantial gains in muscle growth and a drop in body fat during this 6 week period.

    My current workout looks something like this:
    Monday- Deadlifts or hanging cleans, t-bar or bb row. Current dl is 335 for 4
    Barbell curls and then a machine curl.
    Tuesday- bb or DB bench and then a machine. I will typically work on the transverse plain for primarily chest development .
    Triceps pushdown and/or skull crusher
    Wednesday- squats and/or leg press, leg extension
    Thursday- Pullups and/or pull downs, 1-arm row; cable or DB.
    EZ- bar curl, dumbbells
    Friday- emphasis on Shoulder press and then chest. Example would be overhead dumbbells, then overhead machine and then a chest exercise, such as dips and/or dips.
    Saturday/Sunday- off or a short hike with the family.
    I keep my rep range for my failure set at 6-8 but with typically do 3-4 "warm up" sets on my heavy exercises to prevent injury.

    As noted in my opening statement it seems that while things are progressing nicely I would like my biceps to catch up a bit. They are currently 16" but the seem somewhat disproportionate to the rest of me.
    I have contemplated changing my program to incorporate bicep work in the beginning of my workout as opposed to the end.

    I would love any feedback and advice. If there is any missing info I could give please let me know.

  2. I think you're on the right track.

    Some basic suggestions: replace the machines with unilateral free weight work, i.e.:
    leg extensions for split squats
    chest machine for floor presses
    shoulder press machine for single arm over head presses

    As for biceps...make sure you are using your elbow flexors. Keep your scapula retracted, your arms tight against your side, and don't incorporate any shoulder flexion into the movement. Your weights will probably go down..but the majority of the load will be moved by your biceps and brachialis.

    Next, focus on the long head of the triceps...especially since this makes up about 40% of your arm mass. Lying triceps extensions (keeping the elbows from flairing out) is a great way to accomplish this task.


  3. That's great to hear. I think I've been loading up the bar too much for bicep work instead of what you recommended. Much appreciated!

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