Triceps and calfs

  1. Triceps and calfs

    I am 20 years old and have been working out for about 4 years continously and just cant seem to get my triceps or calfs to grow to much. Any advice?

  2. tricepts are much easier than calves. anything that uses tris will make them grow, if you've been training for 4 years, how can they not be bigger?

    different bench variation, rope pulldowns, weighed dips (arms strictly at sides, no flaring), L-seat, french press, cable tri pushdown, etc. you shouldn't have any problems with tris unless you're not eating enough. Or perhaps they just LOOK like they haven't grown?

    As for calves, I really think it's just genetics... there's a million theories as to how to get it them to grow. do sprints, hop on one foot while holding a dumbell weigh, high rep (50+) calf workouts, heavy negatives (use both legs to raise weight, use only one leg to lower weight). all movements should utilize your full ROM, all the way up, pause, all the way down for a good stretch. same with tris and any other muscle for that fact...

  3. thanks for the advice my tris have grown just feel like they should be bigger.

  4. for tri's, i've always liked rope pushdowns.
    for calves, drop sets have worked well for me

  5. With triceps heaving pressing should be the basis of your workouts. All the other accessory lifts are great as well, however, be sure to include some form of o/h triceps work whether it be with a dumbbell or a cable machine. When the shoulder is flexed is stimulates the long head of the triceps more than simple pressing or push down exercises

  6. Try supersetting some exercises, like do pushdowns/dips


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