1. New MAXX HIT!!

    Finally made it over 500 today!
    515lbs box squat!
    Finished up with
    3x20x220lbs leg ext
    3x10x220lbs leg curl
    3x20x315 calve raise
    + 5 min of abbs
    Felt like a beast!!!

  2. Max bench today, locked out 315 had 325 up 3/4 of the way up but couldn't lock out.
    Did flys 60x10 75x8 80x2x6
    Bbell shoulder press front to back
    95x15 115x12 135x10 155x8x2
    Reardelt machine 16x15 18x15 20x10x2
    Dbell tri extensions 45'sx10 55'sx6x2
    Behind head tri press 95x10 100x10
    Dips 2x12 + rope press down 75x35
    Fly machine 187 to failure but around 20.
    No new max today but I do see alil light at the end of the bench! The next chest work will be floor press's seeing that I couldn't get the lockout.

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